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Nexis Games – Looking to start a career in Game Industry

Are you A Game Developer looking to get your game on a Next Gen Console like the Xbox One, Wii ...

Ride – Cross Platform Play Supported

Ride is an Open-world Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) racing game that pits racers and cops against from all over the ...

The Dance of the Damned will have MMO interaction but…

The Dance of the Damned has some major plans for 2015 and without revealing too much too soon we will ...

Ball or Nothing

Ball or Nothing is a very addictive and challenging and could be summed up as a modernized reboot of the ...

1.BrickBlast U! Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U

2. The Dance of the Damned Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U, PS4,



3. Ride RacingNintendo Wii U, PS4,

4. Ball or Nothing Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U, PS4,

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