How to get into the gaming industry!

As some of you may already know I am the developer behind UCraft and The Dance of the Damned and today I would like to share a few things with you in regards to the Gaming Industry. Anyone seeking a career in the extremely competitive world of Gaming should watch this video because it is right on the money! After watching the video in it’s entirety, assuming you still have strong feelings towards pursuing a career in the Gaming Industry I encourage you to contact me.

Still Interested?

Our Games already receive national attention and our goal is for Nexis Games to reach AAA status by 2016. To do this we need great people to help the company grow! Come and grow with us!


Written by: Statusphere (Nexis Developer)

1.BrickBlast U! Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U

2. The Dance of the Damned Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U, PS4,



3. Ride RacingNintendo Wii U, PS4,

4. Ball or Nothing Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U, PS4,

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