In the world of UCraft players will have the opportunity of choosing between 3 types of player classes. The types of classes available at launch will be Warrior, Magician and Engineer with more to come in future updates. As you may have guessed some things in the world of UCraft will only be accessible to players possessing a certain type of skill or ability so it’s best to explore the world with a couple of friends because some challenges will be impossible to face alone.

Great ready for a never ending journey, get ready for The World of UCraft!

Written by: Statusphere (Nexis Developer)

1.BrickBlast U! Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U

2. The Dance of the Damned Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U, PS4,



3. Ride RacingNintendo Wii U, PS4,

4. Ball or Nothing Action-AdventureNintendo Wii U, PS4,

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